Thursday, 28 May 2009

Barca expose the Manchester United myth

The media would have you believe that Manchester United sweep all before them. Unstoppable, a runaway train that no mere mortals can stop.

Well, last night they were made to look very ordinary by a talented football side.

United's record against the top teams this season is actually not very good.

Premiership - 5 points from 6 games against the other 3 top sides.

FA Cup - semi-final defeat by Everton.

League Cup - a win, yes. But on penalties against a team who, at the time, were in the bottom half of the premiership. And that was after losing a semi-final first leg against a Championship side.

Champions League - ah, the big myth. Group stage...well if you have seen a weaker group (er, Aalborg??) in Champions League history then I'd like to see it. Quarter-Final - weakest team of the last 8, who could easily have put the game beyond doubt in the first leg. Semi-Final - weakest team of the last 4, and a second leg victory built on a slip by a rookie defender and an (admittedly excellent) free kick given for a foul that never was.

Now don't get me wrong, United are a very good side. 1 down against, say, Wigan then there'll fight their way back. But 1 down against Barca, or Liverpool - they look decidedly ordinary.

A good team, yes. Worthy Premiership champions...probably - I'm no Liverpool fan but I think that they lost it rather than United winning it.

But Greatest Team Ever (copyright Sky Sports) - not by a long way.

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