Monday, 8 June 2009

Depoliticisation of a Nation

The big story this morning is the collapse of Labour, shouts the BBC.


The big news is that after 30 years of a neuterd media, chasing quick profits and cheap headlines, replacing fact with speculation, gossip and innuendo, we have totally unaccountable politicians.

They're not debating the economy, they're not looking at how Europe has, through apathy, shifted to the right in the middle of possibly the worst recession for over 100 years.

Conviction politicians have been replaced by caeer politicians. On both sides of the house, whether they're trust fund kids, or privately educated analysts, researchers, consultants or lawyers, we no longer have people who care. Oh, they care about themselves alright, but they don't care about anyone else.

The rise of 24 hour news has given the opportunity to a bunch of careerists, whether in the media or the House of Commons, to 'create' a profile based on a few soundbites and superficial platitudes.

Whilst the recession deepens, and unemployment continues to rise, we are faced with the crowning glory of the Blair Thatcher Depoliticisation project...a government probably to be elected without policy or conviction, who could well win a landslide without having to offer the people any tangible promise of action.

Work calls, having got that off my chest...hope today is good for you all.

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